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Interesting facts about “Sport & Obesity”

If you are too fat, you just have to do sports and the pounds drop. Unfortunately, this view is wrong. Read more...

Training – when do I see successes?

When you start a training routine, of course, you want to see your first results as soon as possible. But when is...

Fitness tips for beginners

Every beginning is difficult - this also applies to training. To make it a little easier, here are some useful, basic tips.

Training: at home or in the gym?

Do I prefer to work out at home or in the gym? That is a question that cannot be answered across the...

What are calisthenics?

The question of what calisthenics are is quickly answered. It is a form of training in which you use your own body...

How sport can make you fat

Sport is healthy, every child knows that. If you want to lose a few pounds, then sport is still considered the foundation...

Training: high or low impact

You may well have heard of the terms high-impact workout and low-impact workout. After all, in the wide world of fitness offerings

More fun while training

Many people have problems with motivation when exercising. After a while you simply lose the desire to do so.

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New year’s resolutions: play sports

Only when you finish taking the last bite of the roscón, are you aware that Christmas is over and, with it, the return to...

8 tips to burn more fat in your cardio exercises

Exercising cardio is the best way to burn calories. However, for many people, it is not enough, because what they need is to do...

Everything you need in your gym bag

Have you started a sports routine? !! Congratulations!! You have already taken the first step to a healthier life and to get the body...