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Training: high or low impact

You may well have heard of the terms high-impact workout and low-impact workout. After all, in the wide world of fitness offerings

Why women should lift weights too

Women lifting weights are a rare occurrence in the gym. But why actually? Just because women don't strive for enormous biceps girth...

Exercise sequence during training: more important than expected

The story is known. You create a new training plan and go to the gym fully motivated after work. Unfortunately, you're not...

Age-related muscle wasting – training helps

People are getting older and so age-related muscle wasting is becoming a bigger problem. But something can be done about it.

Sport that is easy on the joints – know how

Our joints are essential for our mobility. If we have joint problems, the mobility is very quickly very limited. Shock loads, i.e....

30 day challenges

It is not easy for sports enthusiasts at the moment. The corona virus is forcing them to spend most of their time...

Training tips for absolute beginners

Anyone who trains regularly knows how exhausting it was in the beginning. It's a challenge to stick with it and also to...

How well do you sleep

Today everyone knows that physical activity is an essential factor in improving health. Sport has repeatedly proven to be suitable in various...

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Aqua jogging – more than just regeneration training

Lately, aqua jogging has become more and more popular. Few people know that this is more than just a gentle training method...

The most common sports excuses

Everyone who does sport on a regular basis has already met them. We're talking about excuses. Here are the ones that most...

Prepare properly for a sports event

In order for a sports event such as For example, to be optimally prepared for a marathon, you need a training plan....

This is how you can get back into sport after a break

Many people are sporty, but then there comes a time when they cannot do sport. Here you can find out what you...

Crawling – the new fitness trend?

"Crawling" is the name of a new fitness trend from the USA that is currently preparing to spill over to Europe. What...